Here is our Tree Of Thanks from my pre-k class.
  We had so much fun in making this board!
First I had the children trace thier hands, and most of them did thier own tracing.  They cut them out themselves and we wrote on them what they are thankful for.  Some of the children said thier friends or family members and a few said things like super heros.  Too funny!  I had to write for some of the children whereas some where very persistent that they could write small enough.  I am all about independance at this age (4 & 5). 
I wrote the letters on shapes of leaves and put them on the bottom, so it looks like some leaves fell off the tree.  Additionally some children colored turkeys from the art center and asked if they could go on the board as well.  I all about creating and free choice:)
Here is a close up shot of the handprints.  Cute!
This activity was fun for the kids and for me.  I love making boards, especially with the children:}

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