To SantaThat is the question? Every family is unique in their traditions and the way they celebrate the holidays. For those of us who celebrate Christmas, we have so many different traditions in how we celebrate. Some are more religious in celebrating the birth of baby Jesus while others are completely all about Santa. And that is ok in my book. I love diversity and encourage folks to have their own views.

My family is religious, we believe in God and Jesus. We pray, thank God, and talk to God all the time. We read our bible and sometimes join bible study groups. We have yet to find a church home since we have moved (we miss you Christ Fellowship). We do celebrate the season for Jesus. But we also have always done Santa too. We’d tell our children the story of Jesus’ birth and the story of Saint Nicholas making and delivering gifts to the children of his village. Both stories have value in my opinion. The kindness and generosity of ole St. Nick is just great in addition to the story of Jesus’ life and his disciples.

Well last year was the last year that we could claim that all of the gifts under the tree came from the North Pole and Santa. We were busted by our then 6 year old who then told our then 5 year old. So now that three out of four children know that Santa is not the one to deliver gifts every year. So what is a family to do? To Santa or not to Santa? That is the question.

We have decided that since the cat {or reindeer} is out of the bag, we are just going to let be. There is no more hype around the mystical, magical Santa. Just the simplicity of celebrating the season for what it is and enjoying family. We celebrate. We appreciate. We enjoy the day together, as a family. The kids wake up to a Christmas tree abundantly overflowing with presents beneath. They open, relish, and excite over the the freshly opened gifts. There is no “look what Santa brought you!” Not anymore. It was fun while it lasted, but I am sort of relieved.


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So what about your family? Do you Santa or not? Please share in the comments.

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  • Shann Eva

    We have different religions in our household, so we still have Santa. The boys are 5 and 3, so I’m hoping we can keep the mystery around for at least a year or two more.

  • Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    Interesting post! My family never did Santa. I knew the story and it wasn’t like Santa was off limits to talk about, but I always knew there wasn’t some mystical guy who traveled the world to deliver presents at night. There was a time when I wanted to believe in Santa–my mom said all of the kids did–and I wasn’t discouraged from imagining that he was real. My sister never did the Santa thing with her kids (I probably won’t if I ever have kids) and I remember one year my niece told herself that Santa was real. I can’t remember if my nephew ever did. :)

  • Rachel G

    My parents never talked about Santa as if he were real, although he wasn’t a taboo in our family, either. One Christmas morning, Mom woke all of us up to go look in our stockings, and all we found was a piece of coal! She thought her joke was hilarious–so obviously we knew enough about Santa and the coal tradition. (She then sent us back to bed and filled up our stockings the normal way, haha!) Our favorite Christmas movie as kids was “The Santa Clause”.